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Located on Brisbane's north side, Audio Avenues offers a broad range of services in the creative industry of music & sound including voice overs, short film audio, soundscapes, project mix-down & in-the-box mastering - as well as tailored sound room & recording studio construction, acoustic treatment fabrication & installation..

Formal qualifications include -

Bachelor Degree of Creative Technology (Audio Engineering & Sound Production) @ JMC Academy.

Certificate III in Construction (Carpentry – Structural & Finishing) Carpentry Apprenticeship @ The Australian Institute of Technology.



Specialising in the construction of custom soundrooms

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Post Production

Post production

Our post production service will ensure you get the best result

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What our clients say

  • Biggersound Studios, Brisbane.

    Biggersound Studios, Brisbane.

    "Audio Avenues transformed an unused area under my house into a fully operational recording & mixing facility. Complete studio construction & acoustic treatment.." 

    Damien Biggers - Head Engineer.
  • Joyce Wong - Film Producer.

    Joyce Wong - Film Producer.

    "Cliff's approach to film audio is what helps make a movie producers' role more enjoyable.."

    On set recordist & boom operation.

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